This month LIFE International is sending out four different teams around the world including Cuba, Bolivia/Brazil, E Asia and Nepal. Each of these trips hold their own unique set of challenges for the team members but each team member has stepped up to the opportunity and said yes Lord, here am I, send me. They are coming from Texas, California, Michigan, North Carolina from leadership jobs that will be full with demands when they return.

I am humbled by these individuals who take time away from their families, jobs and normal routines to serve in the global mission field created by lack of reverence for human life. It is difficult emotionally, financially, cross culturally and spiritually. They will be bringing their own training and gift mix to help train leaders from these countries on upholding the value of every human life. This training will be faced with cultural, spiritual and intellectual challenges so the team has to be at their best.

So, why do they do this?

First, I believe they have been prompted by the Lord to follow Him in his vision to take the message of life to a world desperately in need of hearing it. Every time we do these trainings pastors asks us, “Why haven’t I ever heard this message before?”

The world seems to be blinded from this basic truth about life. This leads to the second reason; I believe each of these team members are compelled to peel back the blinders so as many people as possible can see clearly the truth concerning life. As the training continues throughout the week you can actually see eyes opening up and transformation taking place. This gets contagious for the team members because they see first hand miracles happening, eyes seeing for the first time truth and lives being healed. Once you go on one of these teams you can’t wait to go back because you know there is a whole world of people out there ready to hear this truth.

Finally, they go because they grow closer to the heart of the Father. They see Him working and they are joining Him in that incredible, life-transforming work. It’s a magnificent divine human cooperative.

No one is ever the same after one of these trips. The participants will be forever changed. The team members will be surprised by the changes God brings into their lives. The people praying from home, including family members, will experience change in there own unique way. And the staff working in the home office will be challenged and inspired as well.

God works in so many more ways during these trips than what we can ever imagine. I know my heart is drawn to every team member and I am praying I can enter their experience as much as possible even though I’m thousands of miles away from them.

If you are so prompted, allow yourself to enter this journey with these teams over the next two weeks and pray with them. I’m sure God will have something for you as well.

I am confident God established these teams, He started a good work in each one, and He will complete it!

Be a Host

Be a Host