Announcing the birth of Lydia and Luke, born on June 10, 2015!

Ana arrived at the hospital in Skopje, Macedonia seeking an abortion. She was afraid—unable to see how she could care for two more children, especially at 40 years of age. 

A counselor from the local crisis pregnancy center spoke with her at the hospital. The counselor told Ana about the financial assistance available through the government, and she offered Ana assistance from the center in the form of clothes, diapers, and other material items. Ana did not know about the help available, and became overjoyed at the idea that she might be able to keep her babies.

She told the counselor that she had been praying that God would somehow make a way and stop her from having the abortion. Ana left the hospital crying and hugging everyone in sight!

“A few months later, we delivered a care package of food, clothes, and other items, and found out that this family is very open to God, and to spiritual conversations. They have been reading the Bible and attending a local church. Every time we speak with them they express their excitement and gratitude for our counsel, encouragement and assistance.

— Crisis Pregnancy Counselor

LIFE International provides coaching, resources, and training to crisis pregnancy centers like this one in Macedonia, and around the world. Very few counselors are given access to opportunities to meet pregnant women in a hospital!

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The names mentioned in this report were changed for confidentiality. 

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