Throughout 2020, we have regularly heard amazing testimonies from our partners who are multiplying trainings in their regions using our The Journey of a Life-Giver curriculum. One of our South Asian partners has led multiple online The Journey of a Life-Giver training sessions during the pandemic for leaders from over a dozen nations across Africa and Asia. He is a true champion for life! Here are several impactful testimonies of how this core training has equipped leaders to bring the message of life to their nations:

“I have seen the impact/changes brought by this training: not just in my personal life, but also in my colleagues’ lives. We have the zeal to do devotions and a change in perspective – not just in believing in the sanctity of human life, but also how we must give life in our speech, conduct, and actions. Personally, this training is an outline of life. The word ‘journey’ is mentioned in the title, and it indeed is an outline of life for me. Whether it be on marriage or worldview, it taught me the ways how I must carefully journey ahead in my life by keeping the Word of God as my compass.”B., South Asia

“I never thought that the statistics of annual abortion would exceed 1 million… but after I knew the statistics, I suddenly had a fear that friends, family or the people in my network could have actually aborted a child. I didn’t take abortion seriously, but after today’s session I have given it another thought.” – M., East Africa

“This training taught me the value of life, my purpose, biblical perspective, marriage, sexuality, foundational truths, God’s grace, forgiveness, and mercy. This training is full of biblical truth which impacted and changed my life.”A.A., India

“I know now that we as Christians are not doing enough to warn our church about the value of life in the womb… I will surely take action to clearly teach/preach the value of life in the womb to the people I minister.”Pastor G., South Africa

“Until I attended, I had never learned [biblical] sexuality through the Word of God! This training also impacted my change of perspective of how I view the world through the eyes of God, how to value the sanctity of life more, and how my relationship changed with my family.” B., South Asia

The Journey of a Life-Giver training changed my perspective about the value of life, because I wasn’t informed much about it and I did not give much significance to it until I attended the training… This training is really impactful, for I have seen after the session is complete, many come to repentance and many have a change of perspective.”Pastor S., India

“Being a leader, my focus was only on how to pastor my church, until yesterday when I learned of other worldviews… I realized that I should not solely focus on building up the church I pastor, but have a burden to reach out to those who have not heard the Gospel.”Pastor D., India

“In a culture where money, fame, talent, beauty is highly valued, I was a teenager who felt devalued, for I did not have enough of those things in order for me to feel accepted and valued. Life did not make sense to me and I was questioning my existence. Many times, I felt my life had no meaning and I felt worthless…Yet God had a glorious way for me to know my value of life: it was when I attended [the training]. The Journey of a Life-Giver taught me that the Creator, the owner of the universe, the great “I Am” knows me by my name, formed me carefully in my mother’s womb, and set me apart to fulfill my purpose. I never felt loved, accepted, valued like that before. From then onwards my life changed.”S., youth participant, South Asia

“The Holy Spirit convicted me that the sanctity of human life is not a concern [for many people], for if it were a concern, then those millions of lives would not be destroyed. The Holy Spirit also convicted me to respond to this issue.” D., Kenya

“The session on God’s design for the family taught me how a Christian family should live. After I learned from this session, I taught my family and implemented it. My family is better than before in terms of relationship, in terms of spirituality, and other various areas. Lastly, the session on biblical sexuality taught me that sex is a gift from God. It changed my perspective about sex and I learned the right thing about it from the Word of God.”S., South Asia

“As the children of God, we need to pray on behalf of the innocent lives that are lost due to abortion. We need to repent for it and be serious about it to take action against it.”Pastor S., Sri Lanka

“The first time me and my wife attended The Journey of a Life-Giver training, we were impacted by the session on human reproduction, where we learned the phases, time required, and the way a human fully develops. We came to know how precious we were. The process for a baby to fully develop is so complex – it highly signifies how valuable each human life is and how God indeed forms us so carefully in our mother’s wombs. It has not been long since we attended the training, yet the impact of it in my life is being seen. Nowadays, I spend more quality time in the presence of God and listen to Him speak. I am moved to proclaim life because after the training I felt the sanctity of human life is not proclaimed enough as it should be. Soon after the training, I took the message of life as a mantle – as 2 Corinthians 5:20 says – that we are the ambassadors of Christ. Proclaiming life has been my goal and a mantle for me to faithfully pass it on to my network.” Pastor F., Uganda

“As I heard the annual stats of abortion, I saw it as an urgent issue that required urgent action! The stats of abortion completely surprised me! Another impactful moment in the training was when we were learning how God chose us before birth (Jeremiah 1:5) and how God carefully knit us in our mother’s womb (Psalms 139:13-18), which was taught to us with scientific backup. We learned… the process of a human development, which was amazingly portrayed in a short video clip. These were the moments I was most impacted.”A., India

“Since I was a church planter, it really took time for me to seep this Journey of a Life-Giver teaching into my life. When I really thought about it and gave it time, my vision became very clear and I knew this is it.”Pastor J., India

“God is convicting me to help save those innocent lives…” G., Uganda

When leaders are equipped in a biblical worldview and have an understanding of both the Father’s heart for life and the realities of how life is devalued in their culture, they too become champions for life – helping transform their homes, communities, and nations!

It fuels our faith to see so many stories of how God is working through our partners and shaping a movement for life around the globe, in the midst of this pandemic. It is an amazing lesson in how God’s plans and purposes do not change despite the circumstances that may affect our own. We look forward to sharing more life-giving testimonies with you soon!

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