28 days…. That’s about how long June and Brad and I were confined in Liberia, caught up in the Covid epidemic, and it felt like a very long time.

But the 28 days I’m thinking of now is much worse. That’s how long it has been since June 24; the day our dear friend, Pastor Titus Davis, disappeared – apparently abducted.

How would you feel if you were Titus? Or his wife, Dorcas? Exhausted, depressed, lonely, scared, hopeless, ready to give up? Please take a minute to imagine yourself in this horrible position.

We at LIFE International are asking you to pray as if it were your own spouse who was missing. We implore you to storm the gates of heaven, pleading for Titus’ safe return. To be persistent in prayer and not give up. To pray boldly for our dear brother and partner, who is a true champion of faith.

Titus’ dear wife Dorcas and their 12 children need your prayers. We worship a God of miracles. This battle will be won on our knees…

-Kim VanSolkema
Regional Hub Coordinator

Here’s Pastor Titus at our training last month: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsdTp_TilNc

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Be a Host